Achieve flow on demand

How can you achieve flow on demand?

Surely you've had a situation or two in your life, where you really wanted to do something well, but you just couldn't find the strenght of the concentration to do it. Falling into the state of flow is often thought of as a random, spontaneous state we fall into, when we enjoy doing something. But it doesn't have to stay that way. Let me tell you on a little secret, keep reading. 

What is the state of flow?

You've probably heard of the state of flow or with ther words "being in the zone". But what is it actually and why is suddenly everyone talking about it? 

State of flow is the ultimate experience, the state in which we feel we are one with what we are doing. We become a superhuman, our consciousness elevates and we feel amazing and capable. The time dimension dissapears and nothing else matters but the activity we are immersed in. That is the state of flow. 

Ultimately it is the state we all seek. From the first discoveries and scientific research of the phenomenon which started by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, to the contemporary neuroscience and kinesiology experts, we are begining to understand that the state of flow, can indeed be achieved with systematic approach and the right mindset. 

Tools and systems to achieve flow

Many have tried and failed to achieve the state of flow on demand. But there are also those who achieve it on a regular basis. What is the difference?

From top athletes, to successfull golfers, artists and high achieving CEO's, we have clear evidence, that the state of flow brings better professional results, undeniable feelings of achivement, happiness and personal satisfaction. 

Those who achieve flow more regularly have certain common traits such as:

  • Flow mindset
  • High motivation
  • Clear purpose and clear goals
  • Adequate skillset for their particular profession
  • Rituals

In other words, they are primed for flow. They understand the deeper aspect of achieving flow. They follow and nurture the above mentioned traits relentlessly. It is indeed the only way. 

For those who might have only recently embarked on their path of purpose and intentional search of flow there is good news. We have all those tools and systems in one place for you. We have done the homework for you and created a roadmap to the flow, it's called the Flowcode.

Flowcode, the roadmap to the state of flow

It is a holistic approach to the flow. For anyone with a genuine desire to become a flow personality, there is not better and faster way to achieve it. The systematic approach, the support of a flow coach and daily implementations of the steps is a guaranteed way, one will become a flow personality in no time. 

There are two ways how to: 


Flowcode enables you to take a step-by-step approach and start understanding the science behind the flow state. There is undeniable evidence that there are repeating patterns that turn up when we research or observe the lifestyle and habits of a flow person. 

In the Flowcode we get familiar with the prerequisities that need to be present in order for us to achieve that state, such as Transient hypofrontality, presence of daily rituals and triggers, brainwaves and different states our brains are in different lenghts, flow mindset and others. 

Despite the huge amount of information that can be dropped at first when we start discovering flow and the Flowcode, we need to find our own comfortable approach and the amount of elements and tools that we will implement into our lives. Some might need more than others, some might need different ones (cognitive, kinestetic, audio, visual, olifactory). 

With the help of the biohacking platform, we can choose between more than 700+ rituals, triggers, meditations and other exercises. The choice is yours. 

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