High performance flow

How is flow connected to motivation and high performance

Flow is referred to as a short-term peak experience that is associated with enjoyment, high performance, absorption, and a fundamental motivation to work. This positively affects the way one works thus improving job performance metrics.

The flow of state, as coined by Csikszentmihalyi, is a state of consciousness where a person becomes fully immersed and indulged in whatever they are doing. This level of captivation and enjoyment can be achieved during a variety of activities, like a musician can feel their state of flow, when they are keenly devoting themselves to a certain tune and can think of nothing but their music. This is the same state of flow experienced by a marathon runner who settles into the rhythm and completes their first lap.

Flow is the peak of user experience that is not only motivating but also enjoyable in a way that makes time fly. This is the core reason why the flow concept has managed to attract due attention in the world of psychology and management literature. This moment of flow is achieved when skills equal level of challenges and deliver the best performance as an output.

It was previously thought that only top athletes and exceptionally skilled craftsmen were the lucky ones who could benefit from this state of flow and deliver excellence. Recent studies have shown that people who devotedly work on any domain of their interest, may experience the flow by incorporating the biohacking tools provided by the Flowcode and establish their individual strategies and habits. These include job crafting, interactive work design, self-leadership, the suitable use of one’s strengths and management of one’s weaknesses.

The flowocode concept is the ultimate key for success, especially because of easy to adopt technques and tools and presence of a flow coach, should one need one. High performers are usually limited by their time availability, but results have shown that by actively collaborating with a flowcoach, they can establish and optimize their work routine and gain a new perspective on the world. In other words, getting into the flow of their top performance on a regular and systematic basis.

People can use their self-determination to improve their flow at work instead of becoming victims of their sometimes toxic work environment. Besides these, personal resources such as self-efficacy, optimism and growth mindset can also moderately affect the strategies to improve the state of flow for an individual.