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Become a Flow company

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This programme is for companies and organizations that want to transform their company into a Flow company and increase productivity and wellbeing of their employees

We offer a full wellness and wellbeing solution for increased productivity. The programme can be tailor made for your specific needs and size.

The FlowCode Corporate system has been developed with the intention to bring the knowledge and benefits of flow state into the corporate environment in order to improve the lives of everyone involved.

Easy to follow programs that require little time to implement include workshops (webinars), sessions, daily interventions, exercises and techniques that everyone in your company can integrate in their work flow as well as in their free time routine.

Our packages include:

FlowCode workshops (on-site or online) will teach the basics of flow philosophy and lead participants into their first experience of the flow state. They serve as an important theoretical base that creates overall flow culture of your company.

Practical sessions (usually online)
Practical sessions offer a comprehensive implementation of flow triggers & programs. These would usually be practiced as a morning routine before work or as an after work activity.

Flow boosts (online)
Short sessions with just some breathing techniques. 10 minutes a day can work magic plus it assures installing new habits which is crucial for long term success.

App integration
Our FlowHub 7 app/portal supports quick workplace flow interventions & motivates employees to plan and participate at their own pace.

Exercises to stay on track
We motivate the employees to practice by using the FlowHub7 app. We send them emails, reminding them of the exercises they can do to increase their effectiveness, calm down and find motivation.

Possible one on one sessions
The above activities would usually be practiced in groups, possibly also bigger groups - you can unite all departments employees so they feel as one. Additionally to this we offer one on one coaching, usually for top management where we can go deeper into the theory and application of the flow science, goal setting, beliefs and mindsets.

Please contact me for the offer as it varies, depending on the size of the company and the needs of the teams.